"Coupling and Carbonylation of Iodoaromatics and Terminal Alkynes or Alkynols Catalyzed by a Dimeric Palladium Hydroxide"

Lionel Delaude, Anna M. Masdeu, and Howard Alper

journal cover
          source: Synthesis
            year: 1994
          volume: -
      first page: 1149
       last page: 1151
             doi: 10.1055/s-1994-25660

Abstract: The palladium(II) complex [(Ph3P)Pd(Ph)(mu-OH)]2 is an effective catalyst for the coupling and carbonylation of alkynes and iodoarenes to give acetylenic ketones in 63-94% yields. Acetylenic hydroxy ketones were formed using secondary or tertiary alkynols as reactants.

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