"Microwave-Assited Ruthenium-Catalyzed Reactions"

François Nicks, Yannick Borguet, Sébastien Delfosse, Dario Bicchielli, Lionel Delaude, Xavier Sauvage, and Albert Demonceau

journal cover
          source: Australian Journal of Chemistry
            year: 2009
          volume: 62
      first page: 184
       last page: 207
             doi: 10.1071/CH08510

Abstract: Since the first reports on the use of microwave irradiation to accelerate organic chemical transformations, a plethora of papers has been published in this field. In most examples, microwave heating has been shown to dramatically reduce reaction times, increase product yields, and enhance product purity by reducing unwanted side reactions compared with conventional heating methods. The present contribution aims at illustrating the advantages of this technology in homogeneous catalysis by ruthenium complexes and, when data are available, at comparing microwave-heated and conventionally heated experiments. Selected examples refer to olefin metathesis, isomerization reactions, 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions, atom transfer radical reactions, transfer hydrogenation reactions, and H/D exchange reactions.

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