"Oxidation of Organic Substrates with Potassium Ferrate (VI) in the Presence of the K10 Montmorillonite"

Lionel Delaude, Pierre Laszlo, and Pascal Lehance

journal cover
          source: Tetrahedron Letters
            year: 1995
          volume: 36
      first page: 8505
       last page: 8508
             doi: 10.1016/0040-4039(95)01782-D

Abstract: Among various aluminosilicate supports, the K10 montmorillonite clay was the best catalyst for the oxidation of organic substrates with potassium ferrate (VI). Thus, a solid mixture of K2FeO4 and K10 has been used for the efficient oxidation of selected alcohols, benzylamine, thiophenol, and aniline in hydrocarbon solvents at room temperature. Somewhat humid clay performs best, and it is important to control the amount of water associated to the solid support.

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