"Olefin Metathesis Reactions. State of the Art and Outlook"

Albert Demonceau and Lionel Delaude

journal cover
          source: Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today
            year: 2007
          volume: 25
      first page: 65
       last page: 68
             doi: not available

Abstract: Olefin metathesis is a metal-catalysed organic reaction, which involves the statistical redistribution of carbon-carbon double bonds. Since its discovery in the 1950's, this transformation has gained widespread use in research laboratories and industry for making products ranging from drugs and polymers to enhanced fuels. Its advantages include the ability to build up complex structural scaffolds with remarkable atom economy. Major industrial processes usually rely on inexpensive, ill-defined, multicomponent catalytic systems, while research laboratory applications take advantage of well-defined metal alkylidene complexes of molybdenum and ruthenium that combine high activities and ease of set-up under reproducible conditions, albeit at the price of a higher cost.

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