"Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Vinyl Esters Through Ruthenium-Catalysed Addition of Carboxylic Acids to Alkynes"

François Nicks, Lionel Delaude, and Albert Demonceau

journal cover
          source: Polymer Preprints
                  (American Chemical Society,
                  Division of Polymer Chemistry)
            year: 2008
          volume: 49(2)
      first page: 944
       last page: 945

Abstract: A rapid and efficient method is described for the selective synthesis of enol esters via the addition of carboxylic acids to terminal alkynes. The method employs the readily available, air and water stable [RuCl2(p-cymene)(PPh3)] complex as catalyst without the need of bases, and reactions are complete in 20 minutes provided that the temperature is higher than 140-150 °C. In addition, we have showed that microwave is a powerful tool to optimise reaction conditions though it turned out that the reaction can be complete in the same time period under conventional heating in an oil bath.

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