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WebElements 2.0 is a periodic table database offering a 30 megabyte collection of 5500 files about the elements and their properties. The ABC of chemistry!

Virginia Tech Chemistry Department maintains a nice page with chemistry hypermedia resources including MPEG and QuickTime movies.

In Sweden, the Umeå University attempts to present a comprehensive list of all the chemistry teaching resources available on the Internet.

The World Chemistry website has an impressive collection of interactive tutorials and simulations about general chemistry. Although, the content of this website is typically intended for students aged 16 to 19 who are taking advanced chemistry courses, it is also worth a visit for undergraduate students and teachers.

An index entitled Chemistry Information on the Internet is compiled by Steven Bachrach at Trinity University in Texas. It also features a separate Chemistry Software section.

Another more specific index provides an excellent intuitive WWW resource guide for synthetic organic chemists.

At the University of Sheffield there is a comprehensive list of WWW Chemistry URLs on the Internet.

The WWW Virtual Library has a shelf of electronic documents about science history including chemistry. They also maintain an exhaustive index of chemistry pointers on a UCLA server.

The Chemist's Art Gallery contains spectacular visualizations and animations in chemistry done at the Visualization and Animation Laboratory of the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) in Finland and by groups at other locations.

Henry Rzepa is one of the pioneer who stressed the importance of modern global communication media to disseminate scientific information. Accordingly, the server that he maintains for the Chemistry Department at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine is an excellent show-case of how chemical representation can be enhanced by the recourse to hyper-media.

The Best of the Web in Chemistry, a selection of high quality chemical information on the Internet, was compiled by the above author, together with Steven Bachrach, and Thomas Pierce.

The Squier Group has built quite a spectacular home page to present its research in physical and theoretical chemistry.

For the best science satire around check out the Annals of Improbable Research successor to the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

The American Chemical Society Web server provides a wide range of information about the Society divisions, products, and services.

Community of Science is a huge database which contains over 40,000 records about scientists, their field of expertise, and their research interests. A powerful tool for finding a specialist in any field of science.

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Last updated May 4, 2001