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Isaac Newton


The pictures illustrating these pages are adapted from great Belgian (and French) comic strips and feature the following characters: the wonder-animal marsupilami created by Franquin welcomes you with his little family in the Home Nest, the clumsy lazy office boy Gaston, also by Franquin (yet another link), is blundering in the Mail Room and in the Chemistry Building, whereas Peyo's most popular characters, the smurfs are fooling around in the Fun and Leisure page. The red-haired little boy Boule and his playful cocker spaniel Bill created by Roba can be found travelling around the globe in the Travel Section. Last but not least, Isaac Newton and his Apple have escaped from the delirious mind of Gotlib to gravitate on top of this page.

Made with Macintosh

This original html code for this Home Nest was written on a Macintosh Quadra 610 computer using Web Weaver, a HTML Editor for the Macintosh and the NCSA Mosaic browser. It complied to HTML 2.O and was first uploaded on May 23, 1995. The artwork was created using the scanning and imaging devices of E. De Pauw and A. Demonceau, since the Quadra only had a black & white screen and no scanner attached to it. Numerous minor revisions have been performed between May 1995 and May 1997, but they only included slight text changes and link updates.

In May 1997, this Nest underwent a major lifting. Obsolete information was removed and new links added. The layout of the existing pages was adapted to take advantage of the new features of HTML 3.2 and the Navigation Wheel was introduced as a separate pop up window. Although the Quadra 610 was still up and running, a more recent, faster Performa 6400 was used as the hardware for the operation. W4 served as the main HTML editor, in conjunction with Mapper and GifBuilder for clickable maps and animated gifs, respectively. The icons of the Navigation Wheel were courtesy of the iconBAZAAR and all the graphic files were handled with Graphic Converter.

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